At The Pursuit Church, our serve team is called Pursuit Crew. We have many crews you can be a part of.  By joining a crew, you are helping move church forward. 
Sundays would not be possible without you. Consider joining a crew and let's make a difference together.


Kids - Teachers & helpers create a safe and fun place of worship for our future world changers.
Muscle - This team arrives early Sunday morning unloads the trailer, sets up the stage, sets the lights and tears down after service.
Hospitality - This team donates water bottles, goodies, mints, sweets, etc for Sundays worship experience.
Ushers - 
This team greets everyone with a  smile, escorts people to their seats, and connects with people in a genuine way.
Online Hosts - 
This team actively engages online during live worship experiences.
Photography - 
This team captures amazing moments in the worship experience with their lens. 
AV Media - 
This team works together to create an amazing experience through audio and visual.  
Parking - 
This team greets, smiles and directs traffic coming into the parking lot and going out of the parking lot.
Connect - This team greets, smiles, and welcomes our first time guest. They provide gifts for every VIP.
Merch - This team creates a space before and after church to sell church merchandise.
First Responders - This team is a group of people who work or have knowledge in the medical field and are ready to respond to an accident or emergency.
Parties - This team uses their creative gifts to decorate and organize events.